Client Etiquette

We are Sydney's premiere brothel. We would love for you to get the most from your booking time, and avoid disappointment, so the ladies’ have requested that you please follow a few simple guidelines.     On your arrival at Sydney brothel, Stiletto, you will be taken to a private room so that you can talk to each lady one on one. When you are greeted by the ladies, please engage in conversation with them so that you can see if you have the right chemistry. This is the time to let the ladies know if you have any specific requests. Ask all you need to in this meeting so you don’t need to waste the ladies’ precious time by asking to speak to them again and again before you make your choice.     In the meeting room, there is to be no touching or kissing or requests to undress. A handshake is sufficient. Remember, this is an introduction only. If you want to get physical with a lady or view her body more intimately, then you will have to pay her upfront for this service.     If you are a group of boys, but only one of you would like to spend time with a lady, then let the lucky fellow meet the ladies on his own. This makes things less embarrassing for both him and the ladies.     Please don’t barter with the ladies. There are set prices for special services and it cheapens both parties to discuss discounts.     Stiletto has 24 hr security and violence of any kind will not be condoned unless it is part of an agreed upon consensual submissive booking with safe words. The ladies do not want to be strangled, harshly spanked, have their hair pulled or be bitten. Verbal abuse is considered violence and will not be tolerated either.     Once you have chosen a lady, before the booking proceeds, she will perform a health check on you. This is non-negotiable. It is for your own safety as well as hers.     As a legal brothel it is our policy that condoms must be worn for all oral sex and intercourse. This is non-negotiable. Please respect your health and the ladies’ health and don’t ask for prohibited services. The answer will always be “No.”, and the ladies have the right to refuse service if you request unprotected sexual activity. If you attempt to remove the condom non-consensually, your booking will be terminated, you will be removed from our premises immediately with no refund given.     Respect the ladies’ privacy and do not ask too many personal questions or for their phone numbers or real names. This is a fantasy land. They are all playing a role and so are you. Also, do not look for a love connection or pressure the ladies to see you outside of work. Although the ladies enjoy the time they spend with you and would love to repeat the experience again and again, once the booking is over, it is over. They all have a life outside of work which they return to.   Experience Sydney's ultimate brothel. Experience Stiletto.