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82 Parramatta Road.
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Do I need an appointment to visit Stiletto?

No appointment is necessary to visit Stiletto; you can come in at your leisure. We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Stiletto only closes its doors on Christmas Day.

Are there car parking facilities at Stiletto?

Stiletto has an underground car park for clientele found at the rear of our building.

How do I choose which lady I wish to spend time with?

Upon arrival at Stiletto, you are shown to a private waiting area by one of our friendly receptionists, where our available ladies come through and introduce themselves to you individually. You are under no obligation to stay, but should you choose to spend some time with one of our ladies, she will now show you up to one of our luxury rooms.

What do the rates at Stiletto include?

The rates at Stiletto are fully inclusive. They include the use of one of our luxury rooms, the lady of your choice (our ladies offer a full service, which includes sensual massage, oral sex and intercourse) and beverages.

What payment facilities does Stiletto provide?

Stiletto accepts cash, and we also have an onsite ATM, credit card (10% surcharge on all credit cards) and EFTPOS facilities. We provide discrete billing; we guarantee confidentiality, security and retain no records.

Can I make an appointment if I want to see a particular lady?

We accept appointments for a minimum of 1 hour duration, and only if you have seen the lady before. You can view our ladies’ rosters online, and arrange an appointment to see her via email, or telephone our friendly receptionist team to arrange a suitable time.

How can I book the Level 2 Suites?

Our Level 2 Suites can only be booked for a minimum of 3 hours (Duchess, Governors and Directors Suites). These Suites have interconnecting doors and can be opened up onto each other for larger groups. The Royal and Presidential Suites are available for 4 hour bookings. For enquiries regarding group bookings, you can telephone our reception team who will be more than happy to assist. The hourly rate for Level 2 Suites remains the same at $400.

How do I know it is safe to visit Stiletto?

All of our ladies are required to undergo sexual health checks every 2 months and provide Stiletto Management with a copy of a Certificate stating same. We are diligent in looking after both of our ladies’ and clients’ health, which is why our ladies perform a visual “health check” on their client pon entering one of our rooms. All of our ladies are legally required to practice safe sex at all times (this includes for oral sex).

Do any of the Stiletto ladies provide “extra” services?

Many of our ladies perform services that are considered to be “extra” services. Extra services such as passionate kissing, dress up fantasies, toys, light B & D, couples, lesbian doubles, and many other fantasies are always performed at the ladies’ discretion on the day. Kindly note however that some “extra” services may incur a further charge.

I’ve never used Stiletto Executive Escorts services before. How does this work?

Stiletto only send its’ escorts to CBD Hotels. Our first hour is $650 inclusive of cab fare. Every hour thereafter is $600. We accept all credit cards and cash for our outcall services. To arrange an outcall, simply telephone one of our friendly receptionists.

Client Etiquette

Gentlemen, we would love for you to get the most from your booking time, and avoid disappointment, so the ladies’ have requested that you please follow a few simple guidelines.

* On your arrival at Stiletto you will be taken to a private room so that you can talk to each lady one on one. When you are greeted by the ladies, please engage in conversation with them so that you can see if you have the right chemistry. This is the time to let the ladies know if you have any specific requests. Ask all you need to in this meeting so you don’t need to waste the ladies’ precious time by asking to speak to them again and again before you make your choice.

* In the meeting room, there is to be no touching or kissing or requests to see the ladies’ breasts. A handshake is sufficient. Remember, this is an introduction only. If you want to get physical with a lady or view her body more intimately, then you will have to pay her for this service upfront.

* If you are a group of boys, but only one of you would like to spend time with a lady, then let the lucky fellow meet the ladies on his own. This makes things less embarrassing for both him and the ladies.

* Please don’t barter with the ladies. There are set prices for special services and it cheapens both parties to discuss discounts.

* Stiletto has 24 hr security and violence of any kind will not be condoned unless it is part of a an agreed upon consensual submissive booking with safe words. The ladies do not want to be strangled, harshly spanked, have their hair pulled or be bitten. Verbal abuse is considered violence and will not be tolerated either.

* Once you have chosen a lady, before the booking proceeds, she will perform a health check on you. This is non negotiable. It is for your own safety as well as hers.

* It is our policy that condoms must worn for all oral sex and intercourse. Please respect your health and the ladies’ health and don’t ask for sexual activity without a condom. The answer will always be “No.” If you are sneaky and try to slip the condom off during sex, your booking will be terminated and no refund given.

* Respect the ladies’ privacy and do not ask too many personal questions or for their phone numbers or real names. This is a fantasy land. They are all playing a role and so are you. Also, do not look for a love connection or pressure the ladies to see you outside of work. Although the ladies enjoy the time they spend with you and would love to repeat the experience again and again, once the booking is over, it is over. They all have a life outside of work which they return to.

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