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82 Parramatta Road.
Camperdown. NSW,
Bucks Night

Save the air fare to Vegas and have your Bucks Night at Stiletto. Remember, what happens in Stiletto, stays in Stiletto, so the sky is the limit in your partaking of all the hedonistic delights.

We will get things started by providing you with spirits, nibbles and a very down and dirty XXX rated full on up close and very personal lesbian strip show performed by two wild entertainers with all the attributes of the hottest Las Vegas Showgirls.

After the show the ladies don’t intend getting dressed at all. Once those clothes come off, they stay off. The ladies will mingle and play a game of pool with you boys, completely nude.

And then, it’s all up to you. We will have provided you with the main course. It will be up to you to let us know what you want to get up to for dessert.

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Hen Party

Ladies, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander so bring your Hens Night to Stiletto and let’s get raunchy and raucous and give the boys a run for their money.

Let’s get the high jinx going with some champagne and delicious oral treats in the company of a sizzling hot, very naughty male private dance who just loves the ladies. As we said, what’s good for the goose…!

Then meet some of our enticing ladies who will show you how to seduce your man with a sexy striptease. Learn how to take it all off while gyrating like a professional and your man will be on the floor, begging you to let him please you.

And the sex instruction doesn’t stop there. Our ladies will show you step by step their top secrets to how to perform the ultimate blow job and give your man the biggest, unforgettable, most mind blowing O to end all big O’s. At this rate your honeymoon will never be over!

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Party Events

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?  Or your next Birthday or Media event ? If you want to do something extraordinary it’s time to start thinking.

Why not hire the whole of Stiletto for your very own “Eyes Wide Shut” Party?

Invite all your friends to indulge with you in maximum pleasure. Their surprise and elation in the anticipation and fulfilment of this unbelievable event will be reward enough.

Every detail will be taken care of for you. The atmosphere will be set.  Music, alcohol, catering and security will be provided and a bevy of barely dressed beauties will be in attendance.

You will forget all about the fireworks outside as things will be going off with such a BANG inside.

So if you are privileged enough to be able to do so, why not treat your friends to a once in a lifetime, out of this world, fantasy experience full of cherished memories you will all recall with excitement forever.

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Public Events

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the red bordello door? If you have ever looked at that red door and your heart has skipped a beat at the thought of all the mystery and forbidden pleasure, all the open sexiness and available fantasies, and you have longed to push that door open, well now is the time to step inside.

The world’s most opulent 5 star short stay boutique hotel is now holding Open Days. All members of the public and media are welcome.

Come alone, or with friends, and have a sneak peak. You will love it.

Our friendly tour guides will take you down all the corridors and through all the rooms. They will introduce you to the girls. You will be astonished at the amount of feminine beauty on display. You can have a chat and ask all the questions you want and be treated to funny stories about the industry and learn lots of interesting facts about the day to day running of Stiletto.

Your curiosity will be completely satisfied and you will receive a little gift to take home on your way out. It definitely beats a Sunday afternoon in the park!

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